Our new “shop” at our barn


As followers of our project will know, we are a non-profit project, thus we get no external funding or grants to help us in our struggle to restore the unique vehicles we have in our care.

We still have overheads though, such as rent for the barn in which we store and work on the trolleybuses, electricity bills, metal sheets and wood etc, etc. These all have to be paid for and the only source of funding, outside donations, are the yearly summer events we attend and have a stall at, trying to sell childrens toys, die cast vehicles etc. Due to the need to continuously raise funds for rent and other overheads, and the fact that the window of opportunity for selling at these summer events is very small, we have decided to open a shop at our barn, so that we are able to sell thses items all year round.

This will hopefully relieve some of the pressure of have to sell so much in such a small space of time. The pictures below are examples of the stock we have, but if you live close to, or can tavel to the Cardiff and surrounding areas, and you are interested in buying anything here – its all very cheap! – then please get in touch by completing our contact form.

Thank you for your time!